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Woven Geoflax geotextile

Woven geotextile is formed by directly weaving polyolefin strips produced by cutting extruded ribbons. Due to its structure, woven geotextile provides reliable separation of layered materials, and due to its composition, it is resistant to chemical and biological environmental exposure.

It can be used on limestone, karst or alkaline, clay soils. The reinforcing properties of the interweaving thread method used in woven geotextile allow using hardly suitable soils for earth foundation, motor and rail road embankments.

Advantages of woven Geoflax geotextile:

1. Compared to the non-woven geotextile, woven geotextile has higher strength and smaller elongation at break, which allows the material to take the loads faster.

2. Due to the uniform distribution of a load over the web surface, woven geotextile contributes to better strength, higher shear resistance of layers and has proven itself as a reinforcing material for soft bases.

Physical and mechanical properties of woven Geoflax geotextile

DescriptionParameter value
Raw materialpolypropylene
Surface density, g/m285120155175235275340380420500
Thickness at pressure of 2.0 kPa, mm0.280.340.460.520.70.910.850.931.21.3
Rupture strength, kN/m
— lengthwise182025334050607080100
— crosswise121825334050607080100
Relative elongation at rupture, % 
— lengthwise17171616151515151515
— crosswise15151515151515151313
Pore size, µm101105155145150130125150160175
Permeability at pressure of 10 kPa10.
Filtration coefficient, m/day, perpendicular to the web plane, at pressure:          
2 kPa6.312.
20 kPa5.88.617.615.914.916.429.
100 kPa5.67.516.
200 kPa5.37.3614.813.
Impact puncture strength, N1200150030003500550070009000100001150012000
Drop-cone impact resistance, mm16.013.710.
Resistance to corrosion environment, pH, %90
Resistance to UV radiation, %90
Frost-resistance (30 cycles), %90
Resistance to fungiPG113
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