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Manufacture and sales geosynthetic materials in Russian Federation
Production and sale
of geosynthetic materials
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The market of geosynthetic materials is actively developing, new trading companies and small production facilities regularly appear on it, ready to offer these sought-after goods at low prices. However, in search of a profitable offer, you should not sacrifice quality, so it would be wiser to turn to a time-tested manufacturer of this product.

Geo SM has been manufacturing and supplying geosynthetic and insulating materials since 2012. During this time, we have managed to gain the trust of more than 5,000 clients – leaders of the construction industry and complex landscaping around the world.


The production of geosynthetics in our company takes place on high-quality modern equipment that meets international standards. We control the quality of the materials manufacturing process at all its stages: from the selection of raw materials to the correct packaging and proper storage of the finished product.

The productivity of the lines, which we are increasing every year, allows us to deliver large volumes of products to all CIS countries in the shortest possible time.

All our products are certified, undergo mandatory quality control and confirm their compliance with international standards at industry exhibitions. That is why we provide an extended warranty for it.

It is profitable to cooperate with us

Customers, cooperating with us, receive undeniable benefits.

Firstly, our own production makes it possible to offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

Secondly, more than 30 warehouses ensure uninterrupted supplies and the constant availability of all major items.

Thirdly, our own logistics service and representative offices in all CIS countries allow us to guarantee the shortest delivery time and maximum efficiency at all stages of the transaction.

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