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Manufacture and sales
geosynthetic materials
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The 21st century is the era of high-end technologies characterized by reliability, efficient performance and environmental safety.
Geosynthetic materials such as geotextile, geomesh, geogrid, geomembrane and geomats, are capable to fully comply with these three parameters. These new generation materials have indisputable advantages over conventional construction materials and they are actively used in the road, industrial and civil construction, the landscape design and agriculture.

Functions of geosynthetics

Separation – preventing different layers from mixing and diffusing
Reinforcement – increase of the load-bearing capacity, strengthening of foundations
Protection – prevention of construction materials damage
Filtration – retention of particles in layers or bases under the action of fluids
Drainage – removal of surface flow of fluids in layers and bases
Erosion control – preventing soil from moving over the surface of facility
Waterproofing – prevention of liquid and gas penetration
Strengthening of walls / steep slopes – prevention of slope destruction

Advantages of geosynthetics

The use of geosynthetics provides lower costs of construction materials and installation works, and also significantly increases the turnaround time.
Geosynthetic materials have practically unlimited service life and are characterized by strength and durability are not affected by corrosion and destructive action of moisture.
Geosynthetics is considered an all-purpose environmentally friendly material that is suitable for use in various conditions and in dealing with all kinds of engineering and architectural issues.
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