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Woven Geoflax geogrid

Three-dimensional woven geogrid is made of polyolefin woven strips stitched using polyester thread with diamond-shaped or hexagonal cells being formed. It is advisable to use geogrids of stitched woven ribbons as protection for steep slopes, coating for bridge abutments, strengthening of road pavement base and as a part of any erosion-control measures of integrated landscaping.

The woven method of Geoflax manufacture allows reaching the strength parameters over 100 kN/m, which is 2 to 2.5 times higher than parameters of other polymer grids. Polypropylene used as a raw material prevents such grid from folding and cracking during transportation and storage, from breaking at the installation temperature below zero and makes it possible to abandon the use of heavy machinery during installation.

Scope of application

● Strengthening of flooded and non-flooded slopes and banks instead of conventional types of reinforcement or in combination with them
● Formation of reinforced structural layers of road pavement (load-bearing beds, additional bed layers, pavements of transitional types)
● Construction of roadbed in difficult construction conditions (presence of soft soils at embankment base) and strengthening of roadbed working layer
● Strengthening of surface drainage facilities

Advantages of woven Geoflax geogrid

1.Reduces dependence on expensive imported building materials and transportation costs by 50%.

2.Reduces consolidation degree of the base up to 16%.

3.We provide the special-purpose treatment of the ribbon edges of woven geogrid so that they do not shred.

Physical and mechanical properties of woven Geoflax geogrid

Type of geogrid5×155×205×205×305×4010×1510×2010×2010×3010×4015×2015×2015×3015×40
Cell shapehexagondiamondhexagondiamondhexagondiamond
Height, mm50100150
Length of cell side150×150200×200200×200300×300400×400150×150200×200200×200300×300400×400200×200200×200300×300400×400
Module dimensions in expanded view, m7.8×7.510.5×7.68.4×7.012.6×7.08.5×6.87.8×7.510.0×8.08.4×7.012.6×7.08.5×6.85.25×7.64.2×7.06.3×7.08.5×6.8
Module area, sq.m58.579.858.888.257.858.580.058.888.257.840.029.444.157.8
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