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Manufacture and sales geosynthetic materials in Russian Federation
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Products (Geotextile, geocell, geogrid)

GeoSM Group of Companies (GC) has been manufacturing and supplying geosynthetic and insulating materials since 2012. During this period, we were able to earn trust of more than 3 000 customers – the leaders in the construction industry and integrated landscaping of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Woven geotextile is formed by directly weaving polyolefin strips produced by cutting extruded ribbons. Due to its structure, woven geotextile provides reliable separation of layered materials, and due to its composition, it is resistant to chemical and biological environmental exposure.

Geotextile is made either of continuous polymer-melt threads using the spunbond technology, or of recycled staple fibers fastened using a needle-punching machine. Needle-punched non-woven geotextile has good drainage and filtration properties.

Geotextile is made of continuous polymer-melt threads using the spunbond technology with fibers being thermally bonded.

HDPE and LDPE Geoflax geomembrane is a smooth insulating web material made of extruded polyethylene 0.5 to 4 mm thick. The maximum width of our geomembrane may reach 5 m. 

Basalt geocell TM Geoflax is made of rovings (basalt fibers) using impregnation. Due to its properties, basalt mesh is the best possible alternative to metal reinforcing meshes.

Bonded (impregnated glass geomesh SSP) or quilted (impregnated quilted glassgeomesh SSNP) geocell is made of fiberglass rovings and impregnated with bitumen.

Geocell is made of polypropylene using the extrusion method followed by regular punching and stretching in two directions to obtain a biaxial flexible mesh of cells of the same size and shape with the rigid connection of nodes.

Polyester Geoflaks geocell consists of synthetic polyester fiber. The specific nature of this material is its high tensile strength; and special-purpose bitumen and polymer impregnations are also used in its manufacture; therefore, it is used to reinforce soil and road layers.

Three-dimensional geogrid is made of polymer ribbons by means of extrusion from polyolefin granulate, it is impregnated with stabilizer and laser-welded. Depending on the purpose of use, it can be both without and with perforation.


Geomat is a three-dimensional geocomposite material made of permeable random structures of polypropylene or polyethylene filaments produced by extrusion method and thermally interconnected.


Geocomposites are a composition of two or more types of geosynthetic materials that is made by mixing geotextiles, geomeshes, flat geogrids, geomembranes, and geomats in various combinations.  

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