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Polyester Geoflax geogrid

Polyester Geoflax geocell

Polyester Geoflax geocell consists of synthetic polyester fiber. The specific nature of this material is its high tensile strength; and special-purpose bitumen and polymer impregnations are also used in its manufacture; therefore, it is used to reinforce soil and road layers.

Polyester geocell stops the deformation of the road pavement layers, inhibits the destructive environmental factors.

Scope of application:

● Strengthening and reinforcement of pavement joints
● Protection against damage due to weather and operational changes
● Inhibiting of crack propagation and road repair
● Preventing of rutting due to permanent traffic loads

Advantages of polyester Geoflax geocell:

1.Significant increase in resistance of asphalt concrete to shear and alternate stresses from transport loads.

2.Resistance to practically any external effects (high humidity, sustained high and low temperatures, UV radiation).

3.Non-biodegradable and unaffected by microbacterial action

4.High elasticity.

5.Increase in overall strength of road pavement.

Physical and mechanical properties of polyester Geoflax geocell

PropertiesUnit of measurement20/2040/4060/6080/80100/100
Maximum rupture strengthkN/m20/2040/4060/6080/80100/100
Relative elongation at break%≤ 12.5
Strength at elongation of 2%kN/m4/48/811/1115/1519/19
Strength at elongation of 5%kN/m7/720/2024/2427/2734/34
Cell size, ±2 mmmm20, 30, 35, 40, 50
Roll length/widthm5×1005×1005×1005×1005×100
Surface densityg/m2230330430530600
Polymer type polyester


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