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Manufacture and sales geosynthetic materials in Russian Federation
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In addition to the production and sale of geosynthetic materials, GeoSM Group has been offering its customers professional turnkey geomembrane installation services since 2014. The company's construction and installation team solves the problem of waterproofing objects in all sectors:

- civil engineering,
— agriculture,
— mining industry
— waste treatment and storage.

We have extensive experience in waterproofing works with objects of various scales and complexity: from swimming pools and artificial reservoirs to landfills and slurry barns.


The advantages of cooperation with GeoSM Group are noticeable at a glance. Our company takes care of all the stages of installation – you do not have to purchase special equipment or worry about the tightness of the seams. Qualified workers clear and level the land plot, perform all the manipulations necessary for the future structure, prepare a sand cushion and finally reliably weld the seams of the geomembrane canvases, achieving high-quality waterproofing of the object.

We are fully responsible for the result: from the production and supply of geomaterials under our own TM "Geoflaks" with a 10-year warranty to the provision of professional installation services.

In addition, the long service life and low cost of our geomaterials reduce customer costs, and the service provided reduces the time spent searching for an experienced contractor.

The company is a member of the SRO and has a NAKS certification.


The cost of geomembrane welding depends on the area and complexity of the object. The calculation is made on an individual basis, taking into account the above indicators. If you have any questions about the choice of material, you can contact our managers, who will always help, and also provide you with the necessary assistance in approving the use of our TM products.


The site of rainwater treatment facilities in Moscow. Storage tank with a capacity of 20,000 m3

Installation for the production of landfill gas and the production of electrical and thermal energy from it at the landfill of household waste

Trunk oil pipelines. Modernization of the tank farm

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