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Geoflax gabions

Gabions are three-dimensional mesh products. In terms of manufacture method gabions are divided into welded gabions and those made of double-twist mesh with hexagonal cells.
Double-twist mesh gabions consist of pre-fabricated hexagonal cells that are assembled into a three-dimensional structure. Wire mesh used for gabions is made of galvanized steel wire or polymer (PVC)-coated wire.
Depending on the type, mesh can be of box-shaped and blanket-mattress design.

Scope of application:

● Construction of retaining walls
● Strengthening of motor and rail road embankments
● River and sea bank protection
● Landscaping
● Stabilization of unstable soil mass instead of using gravity walls
● Stabilization of banks and slopes of embankments

Advantages of Geoflax gabions

1.Gabions are resistant to seasonal soil movements. In case of soil shrinkage with time, gabion will only change slightly its shape, but in no case will it collapse.

2.After several years, the gabion structure nothing but strengthens: it can be easily placed on soil, plants begin growing among stones, thus providing an additional strength to gabion.

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